20 June 2013

Purple Label Splendour

In an Admiral Cod exclusive, I present to you (at left) the charming duds of June. And by that I refer of course to my new made-to-measure suit from Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

The newest addition to my sartorial collection, it is a classic chalkstripe number in deep blue with a single-breasted front, double-vented back, and working button-holes. This is a lightweight model--a choice befitting the Mediterranean climate of Southern California--consisting of 98% fine wool, 2% cashmere. It is exquisite to the touch.

I acquired it at the Polo shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, one of the more aesthetically-pleasing commercial buildings I've had the good fortune to spend time in recently. Over discreet glasses of champagne provided by my man Jenks and delightful conversation from the sartorial professionals in attendance, I sifted through a wide selection of fabrics, searching for a pattern that was suitably banker-ish, but with a cavalier air of la haute finance et l'empire. Once I made my choice, details were decided upon and measurements taken. Long rise with a 9" drop, in case you are curious. Eight weeks later it was done. And what a worthwhile wait it was.

Also pictured (above) are a white oxford shirt by W.H. Taylor and my trusted Rolex Submariner timepiece, which receives more comments on its good looks than I do. I am almost jealous.


Anonymous said...

You should have spent that money on something useful, like a flatscreen TV or Carnival cruise.

matthew mueller said...

Yea, I am not a fan of buying designer-label suits, unless you purchase it primarily for the satisfaction of the designer-label itself.

You can find quality fabrics and patterns at nearly any traditional department store (Macy's, Dillard's, etc.). The trick is to purchase the item and then go and get it tailored. Designer-labels justify their exorbitant prices, in part, on the idea that the suit already comes tailored (i.e. made-to-measure). But there is nothing stopping you from doing this on your own.

So that is what I do. I buy quality stuff and then get it tailored. In fact, tailoring is a sort of addiction for me. I get everything tailored, from my button down shirts, my pants, my blazers, and now even my sweaters and polo shirts. The secret is getting your tailor to understand exactly what it is you like (even if he personally doesn't agree with it).

YBH said...

Let's drop some 9" cocktails!

Anonymous said...

Once again: and where was my invite?
Tapping my impatient toe.

Reg Pooter said...

I am relieved and impressed that you 'acquired' a suit with 'working button-holes'; simply buying one with the other sort would have been a dreadful gaffe.

Desmond Esseintes said...

I am really impressed by Mr Mueller's comment; he is clearly your kind of chap, Coddy.

GSL said...

I do like your sense of dash LBF. Should a spare 3 large find it's way into my coffers, I may have to have one of those discreet champagnes with your man Jenks.