27 June 2013

San Onofre Surfing Club


Anonymous said...

At first glance, this appears to be a vintage photo. But, given the handle on the door post on the vehicle next to it and the white walls on the VW, I would say the boards belong to a collector of surf nostalgia. Probably trying to impress some aging surf bunny (cougar). Most would have a difficult time paddling out on a 35 lb. board with no leash in anything over 2-3 ft. Surfing ,too, has become compromised.

Anonymous said...

The Bug is genuine mid-sixties although the long flexible Greenough-ish skegs place the sticks a bit later. The crew-cab/SUV looks to be about mid to late '90's given the squarish doors.

The small but tasty swell is timeless.