28 December 2013


Her:  I went to the doctor a few weeks ago. I'm clean, they didn't find anything. No STDs, no gonorrhea. HIV negative, too.

Him:  That's good, because I'm pretty promiscuous.

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jubal early said...

A recent relationship:

1. Girl only gives blow jobs and refuses every time Boy tries for intercourse. Boy mistakenly believes that Girl is naturally prudish and wishes to wait for the right moment. Boy thinks this is sweet and charming.

2. Finally, when Boy cannot wait any longer, Girl says, moments before the act is consummated, "Okay, I have to tell you something, I have HPV." Boy recoils and abandons her completely.

3. Now Girl is texting Boy asking what is the matter. Boy says, "I thought you were just a sweet girl and simply wanted to wait before having sex. Now I see the real reason. Next time you should tell the Boy forthwith and save him the trouble of all those silly blowjobs."