31 December 2013

I met with one of my wealthy female clients recently. She lives in Newport Beach.

She was in a bit of a huff regarding her daughter, who a year ago married a senior executive from a well-known software company and just had a baby. The problem was that in shopping for a home, the couple discovered his credit score had plummeted.

This was due, it was discovered, to the behaviour of his trashy ex-wife, whom he had left and was totally bat-chit crazy, according to my client. Apparently at one point she had held a knife to his throat. The ex had been delinquent on formerly joint credit card payments for a few months and owed a small amount, which she refused to pay. Hence the hit to his credit.

He paid her a substantial court-ordered monthly sum for a five-bedroom house.

Both his ex-wife and the current wife [my client's daughter] were well-educated lawyers from schools such as Notre Dame and Northwestern.

What I found interesting was that both my client and her daughter blamed the son-in-law for the problems. Her daughter was distraught, she claimed, and like her blamed the husband. When I referenced the behaviour of modern American women, the effect of divorce laws on men, my client still wouldn't budge, refusing to believe it. It was all the fault of her "stupid" son-in-law for marrying the bitch in the first place and trying to be cooperative.

I find it amusing now that weak males keep inserting themselves into these situations.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is just a matter of time until he has two bat-shit crazy ex-wives, double alimony, child support and bad credit.

Poloist12 said...

Huh, know the feeling. Crazy ex wives who are irresponsible and you being left to fix not only your credit but hers. Never again will I go down this path.

NCJack said...

It's part of the games they teach each other to f*ck up men's heads. Always attack, never admit any fault. I'll bet your client is wealthy due to some Mr. Man, not her own efforts, and the suggestion she ought to pile in and help out here would horrify her.

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

after more than thirty two years of representing men in divorce, I believe the solution is to turn your ex-wife into your axed-wife. sort of bury the hatchet as it were. Decapitation will certainly slow down the credit card spending, and will add new meaning and pleasure to the term getting head.

initials CG said...

The stats are, dude... you'll be in the same hole...more than likely you will marry the same train-wreck as the first. This time, she will give birth. Unfortunately, it will be yours.

Sexual fantasy: ... a butler.

Anonymous said...

Ah, another premarital lesson---ladies request a copy of his credit score prior to marriage. As cold as this may sound, finances should be discussed right after he shows her the ring. He shouldn't marry a woman saddled with debt either. When I got married, I was proud to say I didn't owe any credit card debt. I had a good credit score and I was well on my way to paying off my undergraduate loans. I paid for my MBA outright. I think the first comment is "spot on"--just a matter of time before he has 2 crazy ex wives.