10 December 2013

Indoor Sporting Man

The indoor sport of banging hot married women was not the career choice I envisioned in my youth. But in the last several years or so it seems to have taken up a larger portion of my dating life. I'm not completely sure why.

I certainly attract my fair share of ladies. As you're aware, I'm tall, muscular, fit, and affable. I put myself out there on a consistent basis. I have an interesting background and know how to dress well and furnish a flat in good taste and classic style. And thanks to years of practice in the drawing rooms and wine bars of London, New York, and Greenwich, I know how to conduct a conversation in real-time without once resorting to a text message. Women like that.

When I say married women I don't mean flabby housewives addicted to The View. I mean attractive women in their 30s-50s who take care of themselves and who could appear on Buffyshot if they chose to do so. I have dozens of scandalous selfies in my inbox as testament. This is Southern California, after all.

The decline of the institution of marriage is another reason. It's opened up loads of opportunities for hot-blooded single chaps such as moi. More on this later.

My much-younger self would have been horrified--and maybe a little envious--by what I get up to today. But I don't give a fuck and haven't for many years.

Allow me to get personal with you for a moment. In my late teenage years in London, after some romantic exposure to young females, I sensed that mores had changed and that the traditional marriage-and-family set-up--mythologized by parents, media, and Church--was in radical decline.

Perhaps inspired by tales of the young Ian Fleming in his City-swinger bachelor days, I decided instead to live for myself only and to achieve a life of professional and financial success, sartorial splendour, frequent travel, and regular sex.

And--you don't need me to tell you--I've more or less accomplished my goal.

At what cost? I shall discuss this another time.

Still, some of the early hope remains, a remnant of another, very different person, for whom I still have a fondness. Although I harbour a dream of settling down one day with a young woman worthy of my commitment, assets, and sperm, in the meantime the ongoing denouement is proving rather fun.

Life is for those who seize it.

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Anonymous said...

Finally, someone has used an Iphone for a proper use!

jubal early said...

All very well said, Mr. Cod. I do swear it: we are more similar than you can even imagine. You have indeed discovered the secrets to success in this life and I enjoy reading your posts reflecting on its many rewards.

I, too, am extremely sexually active with many different women at almost all times. I can go out on a Friday night, stand at the bar, and almost be assured of women coming up to me and fighting to win me over. I have slept with probably 20 women in the past three months alone.

So I do have a rather keen interest in all things libertine. However, what any experienced libertine knows is that there are many, many drawbacks with living an active sexual lifestyle with multiple partners. There are extreme highs of utter euphoria, of course, but there are also periods of self-loathing, for various reasons, as well as serious spurts of worry and dread over such things as STD's, pregnancies, and bedding someone who could turn into a psycho.

I have always looked for literature from people who write in the libertine genre addressing these things, because they are such pronounced features in the life of any active libertine. That is why writers such as Marquis de Sade, etc., for as eloquent as they are, give a somewhat distorted picture of the pleasures of pure libertinage.

I wonder if you too have these occasional episodes. If so, please don't be wary of sharing them on here. I would be very interested in reading your reflections on them. People like us have dozens of wonderful stories of glorious nights with beautiful women. But what I have come to be interested in are the many drawbacks associated with this lifestyle. Because there are many.

Cameron said...

Under the moonlight, the serious moonlight.

Anonymous said...

You are part of the problem.

w. adammandelbaum said...

Yes, Admiral, one day, when you are about 95 or so, you should settle down with a decent young woman--no less than sixty years younger than you. Even if the relationship only lasts a few years, it would be for you, no doubt, a lifelong romance. Monogamy is like monotheism in many ways--both require faith, hope, and a complete disregard for alternate possibilities.

Anonymous said...

As I have posted before:

Monogamy recapitulates monotony,
recapitulates misogamy,
recapitulates misogyny,
ad nauseum.


Anonymous said...

I choose wife and five kids. I have more money than I can spend. I have lots of sex, but with my beautiful blonde wife only. We travel, both alone and sometimes with our kids. The only thing I seem to be missing is sex with a lot of women, but to be honest I'd rather fuck my wife every day than one woman after another. I don't see the point.

But the beauty of this is that it's up to us to choose the life we want to live. You seem happy with yours, and I hope this happiness will continue for the rest of your life.

Auf Wiedersehen

Anonymous said...

stupid married women---junk food---They might say they are married to stupid men who care more for their cell phones than their wives. Infedility rampant for both of them.

There are degrees of orgasm. The best orgasms are achieved when various connections exist at the same time----desire to be with her above all others, she's protein so she won't leave you wanting, she satisfies an emotional need, she's beautiful and gets noticed often but she never takes her eyes off of you, she's smart and clever dinner talk is the beginning great foreplay. You really have to know yourself and what you want when you happen upon one of these types of relationships---if not, then you'll miss it and to quote an old cliche---they don't come along every day.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

JE ~ No doubt there are similarities amongst men surfing the Kali Yuga. But there is no self-loathing here. Quite the contrary.

Anon @10:27 ~ I am the solution. So get the fuck out of my way.

Anon @10:22 ~ I've done the 'beautiful blonde wife' thing. I was briefly married once, remember.

Anon @ 02:04 ~ That is a pleasant thought.

Anonymous said...

she's protein so she won't leave you wanting

Herr Meiwes, is that you?

Poloist12 said...

Wait, wait, wait, just a minute! Weren't you married at one time? Kind of goes against this whole idea that you saw the decline of marriage at an early age doesn't it? Or is it that you like so many of us who have gone through the ringer just lost your taste for marriage? I know I have.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Poloist12 ~ Yes, good call. I was briefly married to a gorgeous, sexy foreign woman. It was a temporary setback. I own it.

Anonymous said...

At what cost? Now I'm curious. Please do discuss at a future time. I will be reading. . .
Funny, you dream of a young woman. I guess if you want children then she must be of child-bearing age. Aside from that, why does the definition of the ideal woman always have to start with the word "young?"