07 May 2014

Bongo Drums on the Pacific

Taking a stroll along the beach with my Laguna Beach crew recently, I stumbled upon this scene (at left) of local musicians generously giving an impromptu recital. It was a wonderful, unexpected sight, and a rebuke to those who say the civic spirit is dead in America. We stayed for a few minutes. The tune seemed a bit heavy in the percussion instrument department, and if you asked me to identify the specific composer of the piece being performed I could not do it. Alas, my knowledge of the more esoteric corners of the classical canon is wretchedly inadequate. The gay atmosphere was briefly marred by a dirty long-haired drugged-out hippy who somehow managed to crash the event, and who spent the whole time rather censoriously picking up imaginary pieces of rubbish from the grass. As my crew and I turned to leave I gazed one last time upon the scene before me and for a very brief moment it seemed perfectly emblematic of our glorious civilisation.


Anonymous said...

"Alas, my knowledge of the more esoteric corners of the classical canon is wretchedly inadequate."


What the sweet Christ...

Please inform them to visit the Albertson's up the street for their deeply needed application of clippers and deodorant.

Mr. Negative said...

Uh oh. I see djembes and sandals. If that's not a cue to quickly turn around and get out of there as fast as possible, I don't know what is.

Pat Hannagan said...

Disgraceful performance by you on that Derbyshire post at Taki's Mag.

A Hasbara troll couldn't have put in a better performance.

You are officially on the list, mate.

Pat Hannagan said...

It's always hard to separate the kikes from the poms but I think I'm getting the cut of your jib, LBF:


I see why you love to gloat about your degeneracy, and pretend you're an Englishman in California fucking all the divorcees.

You and "The Derb".