22 May 2014

Uncle Val's Botanical Gin

If I don't seem quite like myself lately, it's probably because I've been drinking a new gin.

The drink in question is Uncle Val's Botanical Gin from 35 Maple Street in Sonoma, California. I was first introduced to this gin at a local cocktail establishment and was instantly smitten. I keep a bottle on my cocktail cart.

How does it taste? It's very floral. It contains cucumber, lemon, sage, and lavender. But unlike Hendrick's Gin, in which the cucumber is very strong, here it's the lemon that predominates. As the website describes it:

'Raise your glass and you’ll notice crisp aromas of sage and juniper. Your first sip will bring out a bright lemon taste, which gives way to a warm, spicy, lavender finish, softened by the coolness of cucumber. Each sip bolsters the botanical flavors, along with a continuous presence of piney juniper.'

Uncle Val's reminds me of a more flamboyant version of Bombay Sapphire, my go-to gin. It's a superb spirit for your summer cocktails. I heartily recommend it. Enjoy.


Robert said...

As Opa used to say:
Prost! und Zum Wohl! (Cheers and Bottoms Up). Might I suggest you try Steinhäger?
(Steinhäger is a type of German gin flavoured with juniper berries.)
I find it quite good but it is a matter of taste (buds).

Anonymous said...

Hey, LBF

I came across your blog a week ago and I've been going through the archives to read the posts you've made in the past 7 years or so.

I enjoy your posts very much despite the fact that much of the topics covering fashion, suits, and alcohol are lost on me due to the expense of it all.

Many of the topics you've made regarding culture and society are very much in line with my own thinking on such issues. As a white male, I sometimes feel a great sense of consternation and concern regarding where we are headed in the future.

Your attitude of living as best as you can for yourself has given me a sense of determination to carry on and I know that self-reliance is key in the end. I've also received some great laughs from some of the posts you've made.

I've been able to update my library on books to read through your own recommendations and posts on literature you've made, which were helpful.

You may or may not get to read this, but I enjoy your posts a lot and keep at it, sir!

JJ USA said...

Will try - 209 out of SF and Deaths Door out of Wisconsin are also excellent small operators gins as well.

Anonymous said...

AC - I have always been a very heavy beer drinker.

Do you have a recommended way of going about branching out into other drinks? Certain ones first, ones to avoid, etc?

I must say I am rather at a loss outside beer and wines.

Ivar said...

This looks very promising. I will pick up a couple of bottles tomorrow.

Cameron said...

Sorry I've had a go at you over recent posts old chum

May we remain united in our White unity and hatred for the enemy.

You remain an example to the nationalist youth.


Anonymous said...

I also discovered this gin about a year ago. The bartender at The SafeHouse in Milwaukee (James Bond themed Bar) recommended it and I tried it. Very nice and great botanicals.

danielj said...

It must be the inner nigger/italian in me that causes me to reach for tanqueray-tonic-lime on a normal day...

hendricks is only for when a hearty meal is involved and scotch or red wine is unwarranted.