26 May 2014

Hussar Style


Robert said...

In the words of Private Vernon Pinkley (Donald Sutherland) to Colonel Breed (Robert Ryan) after reviewing Breed's honor guard for the "incognito" general in the "Dirty Dozen"....."Very pretty but can they fight?"

Not exactly a Grey's Scout is he?

Colonel Mustard said...

The quality of the enemy should always be considered. French Hussars were a match for the finest British, Russian, Prussian, Austrian and Spanish fighting men at epics like Borodino, Eylau and Leipzig. Grey's Scouts operated against section strength groups of incompetent Bantu irregulars who were seeking to break contact at best speed before Fireforce aircraft appeared overhead.

Robert said...

My dear Colonel Mustard
Inre: Grey's Scouts...Cannot disagree with you more
See: http://www.greyscoutsregiment.org