13 July 2014

European Conquests

What a magnificent World Cup match! I'm still drunk from earlier today. Our local German Club was so full, by 10am they were already turning away spectators. Despite best efforts, I failed to instigate a riot, although I did my drunken utmost to provoke our adversaries, much to the discomfort of my gf and companions. I'm just a little surprised I wasn't arrested. A world removed, I admit, from my youthful Chelsea days.


Robert said...

Deutschland über alles!!!
Sieg Heil!!! (Hail Victory)
For your listening pleasure (set in an in a sophisticated cocktail party setting):

Keir said...

Watched all the matches here in Bavaria. Last night in the Freising forest with 5 big screen tellys- No one stood up for the anthem, everyone smoking and looking at their cell phones, girls present appeared superfluous as mere decorations as most just looked lost, a large number not even watching... a huge contrast to when I saw Italy win back in Italia.

Anonymous said...

See...God is German.