23 July 2014

Too Old To Die Young: Mötley Crüe in Concert

Never have I see so many hotties in one place!

By that I refer to last night's show by the Los Angeles-based rock group Mötley Crüe. They were everywhere: gorgeous made-up females in their teens and beyond, in figure-hugging outfits, garter-belts, high-heels, leather mini skirts, fishnet stockings, doing their slutty best to look fuckable. It was quite a spectacle.

Formed in 1981 as a reaction to the New Wave scene in Southern California, Mötley Crüe took inspiration from punk and glam rock, and it showed. Although I was never an avid fan, I certainly sympathised with the spirit and lifestyle. There is something of the Männerbund about such groups. They've had quite a run.

I wanted to see them on what is billed as their final tour, partly for nostalgic reasons, but mostly because I simply wanted to have a good time with like-minded friends. I met a group of chums for what turned out to be a long music-, drink- and drugs-fueled evening; I'm still feeling the after-effects.  In fact I'm still drunk as I write this.

Among my companions were a patent lawyer, private banker, surfwear industry executive, and business owner. It was a fun, good-natured crowd. According to my friends, my biker 'look' and blond Viking beard attracted loads of attention from the ladies, which I'm sure irritated my girlfriend had I been sober enough or interested enough to notice.

In an era of unprecedented demographic and cultural change, it is a curious experience to be surrounded by thousands of people who--minus the occasional beer guts, leather, and missing teeth--look pretty much like me. Though, of course, without the handsome fogey features.


Cameron said...

I'm glad you've taken some time out for relaxation. I was a bit worried you were burning yourself out on behalf of The Third Rome ;)

FWIW, I'm with you. Hopefully our side can develop some contacts with the GRU etc.

Ordnungssinn said...

Glad I am not the only one that decided to end the work week on Wednesday afternoon.

Too nice out to be trapped inside.

Jacobite said...

Bowie? Motlley Crue? New Wave? All drivel performed by Boomers for GenX-ers.

I much prefer Rodgers & Hart:



77A said...

Laguna Beach Fogey, I am so glad to read that a blogger of your standing in the Alt-Right is a Motley Crue fan. I've been a fan since pubescence. Good going sir.