09 September 2008

Count Tolstoy in Tweed

As you may well have noticed, the season of Tweed is almost upon us. I have therefore decided, in keeping with the times, to publish on an irregular basis a series of favourite tweed photos from my personal archives. I find the sight of Tweed in action immensely inspiring; in fact I feel a devastating urge at this very moment to pour myself a tumbler of whisky, light a pipe, and settle down in a much-loved twill-covered armchair in a raspberry colour; I hope you do too. But there is much work to be done. So to start I am including here a pic of author and historian Count Nikolai Tolstoy in a lovely set of estate tweeds. The image harkens back to a bygone era of civilised cocktail receptions, where learned conversation, witty rejoinders, and mild flirtation were the order of the day. If for some reason you find yourself in serious company and feel the need to discuss the latest Georgian crisis or go over the more obscure points of neo-Gramscian theory, it is best to do it in Tweed.

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John said...


The kid standing behind him in the photo agrees with you.