08 September 2008

The White Bucks Connection

In early summer I bought a pair of white bucks for a planned series of events, amongst them the various proceedings surrounding my wedding. I have enjoyed these shoes.

White bucks have long played a role in my collection. When I was younger, during summer holidays in Connecticut and New York, I wore white bucks in a blucher style made of smooth nubuck with red crepe soles. These were (and perhaps still are) ubiqitous amongst certain portions of the Northeast prep school set; in the cooler seasons many students switched to tan bucks--which, back in England, sort of resembled abbreviated desert boots--or saddle shoes, neither of which I particularly care for.

Today I wear my white buck loafers with khakis or colourful shorts, linen dress shirts or polo shirts--and never with socks. They represent an enormous improvement over flip-flops and boat shoes and rarely fail to elicit favourable comments from the public. Worn in warm weather and paired with a cocktail and alluring smile, white bucks convey a spirit of fun and of effortless poise.


John said...

Great shoes, Trad.

initials CG said...

Davvero fico!

Main Line Sportsman said...

My white bucks...in the lace up style...never fail to garner favorable comments from the ladies.
What make are the ones in the picture?

Laguna Beach Trad said...

These are from Johnston & Murphy purchased from the local shop. I like them because they are a bit more casual than the lace-up style.