14 June 2010

There's No Place Like Home: Student Rooms at Yale, 1870–1910


K.S. Anthony said...

Sadly, the housing is slightly more pedestrian here. The only thing that room is missing is an opium pipe and accompanying lamp. And a skull. Every student needs a skull.

Belle de Ville said...

I think that the room needs a cut crystal decantor filled with brandy.

A.E.F. said...

If it were an English University room prominen in the picture would be Teddy Bear named after a C16th Italian Saint.

Anonymous said...

'My study's ornament: thou shell of death, once the bright face of my betrothed lady...'.

Actually, just whisky in a decanter and gin in a bottle.


Anonymous said...

'My study's ornament, thou shell of death: once the bright face of my betrothed lady...'.

Actually, stick with a decanter of whisky and a bottle of gin.


brohammas said...

I was just there a couple weeks ago.
Yale that is, not my alma mater.... that was about ten years ago.

The Ancient said...

Brummell --

My fat friend is death on wheels for poor silly you.

Yrs, etc.


Anonymous said...

Fabby post, Ancient. Love the oirish wit - 'death on wheels'.... Swift,Wilde, Beckett? How's the digs at UC Dublin or Trinity?

Love to Fergus.