01 July 2011

Return Your Revolt Into Style

'The Tradition we seek to experience is so alive and eternal that only the living dead will fail to grasp its relevance. Style is not something that can be purchased or something that grows on trees: it is the fruit of suffering, discipline and love. Thought and action must be turned into a lifestyle: we must qualify ourselves through our style rather than our words.

Suffering is the physical and particularly inner pain that puts human nature to the test. One must accept suffering and experience it in all its aspects: in the family, which seeks to stop us when our spirit is urging us to make certain choices; in society, which judges us because of the people we associate with or the 'reprehensible' acts we commit; in the physical exertion of a fight; and in the painful awareness of our own meanness and cowardice. Unless interiorised and overcome, all these aspects of life will crush us.

Discipline is the will to reach one's goals through perseverance, meticulousness and order. In order to march alongside his comrades, the warrior must train each day and promptly answer the orders of his superior; he must follow the rhythm that allows him to attune himself to the duty he is called to fulfill.

Love is the force that must guide man towards all higher goals. All acts are to be performed not for egoistic reasons, but rather in an impersonal fashion. Only by following these precepts can the aformentioned lifestyle be attained. To strive for this aim is to attempt to re-establish the inner balance that has long gone missing in man, overwhelmed as he is by the illusions of the modern world.'

A Handbook of Traditional Living: Theory & Practice, Arktos (2010), originally published as Il mondo della Tradizione (1997) and Unità operanti per il Fronte della Tradizione, Ass. Cult. RAIDO (1998)


v. Braun. said...

This is excellent (I even like the English publishers' name).

As Dávila wrote: It irritates the plebeian soul when one argues for the value of a thing by pointing out its beauty.

La Sombra Sofisticada said...

Thank you for yet another good book tip!

Anonymous said...

This one's been on my wish list for too long. I'll have to get it. Thanks.

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Another book to add to the reading list. And kudos for the Von Thronstahl reference in the title.