04 July 2011

Rip It Up and Start Again

'Mostly, I was impressed that the British political system, both formal and informal, seems basically to work. In the US we can't agree on anything except ways to go deeper into debt. People in rival tribes barely talk to each other. But Britain seems to have a normal political culture--not Athenian democracy but basically functional. In this day and age, that's a wonder of the world.

People in London seemed less despairing than people in Washington, less obsessed with the prospect of national decline (maybe you got over that a few decades ago). I left rethinking my position on the American Revolution. Maybe not such a good idea. Maybe we let things get a little out of hand.'

David Brooks, Diary, The Spectator, 4 June 2011


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see a mainstream "conservative" admit that breaking away from British rule might not have been such a wonderful thing after all. Of course if Brooks really wants to consider national decline he needn't look back so far as the American Revolution. He could start with the eight years of water carrying he did for president Bush.

Unspeakably Appalling said...

Yes, and I believe the Irish are also regretting their more recent, but no less unfortunate whim to 'go it alone'. I also have French friends who admit, after several glasses of pinard, to hankering for 'Aquitaine Anglaise'.

Always best to leave 'em wanting more.

Osbert II said...

It's been in decline since 1989 with the ascent of the kinder, gentler Bush. The Cigar Inserter destroyed what he could with NAFTA. W sat there as we were invaded from the south. The present occupier steals from the productive to give to lazy, low IQ parasites.

Anonymous said...

Dream on.

Britain has been scandalised by venal career politicians and money grubbing expenses scandals.

Few have any faith in politicians or the system itself.

Vernon said...

I get the exact opposite feeling from a post on the American Spectator site, LONDONISTAN CALLING, by Hal G. P. Colebatch.

This ran yesterday, Six July. Brooks long ago lost all credibility. Spurious reasoning,on his part,once valid, but no more. Most Anglo-Saxon, Norman Brits, in my opinion, now rue the day we split. This from an Anglophile like me.

Vern Trotter