01 July 2011

The WASP Question (Andrew Fraser)

'The WASP Question is a groundbreaking contribution to the project of synthesizing Anglo-American constitutional and legal history with the evolutionary biology of ethnicity and a Christian ethno-theology. Fraser adds a new aspect to the modern ethno-pathology that now infects the Anglo-Saxon bioculture: “Civic patriotism cannot be sustained in multi-racial societies.” His radical critique of American constitutionalism exposes a major threat to the ethnic interests of America’s founding race—the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants who have since degenerated into an “invisible race” of deracinated WASPs.

Anglo-Saxon constitutionalism and its modern deconstruction are intertwined with excursions into history and genetics. Fraser explores the religious dimension of ethnic group strategies in a plausible historical and evolutionary frame. Evolutionary biology lends this book a magisterial view looking back to ethnogenesis in the England of Alfred the Great, and looking forward to a world made human by postmodern tribal solidarity, including that of the scattered Anglo-Saxon nation. The result is a fresh analysis of the ethno-religious foundations of the English people.

The WASP Question is valuable for focusing attention on the plight of Anglo-Saxon societies assailed by runaway materialism and imposed diversity. The book articulates a role for national religions in defending populations of ethnic kin. For Anglo-Saxons, that role is fulfilled by the orthodox Christian doctrine of nations. Fraser’s appeal to a patriot king who can restore Anglo-Saxons’ biocultural identity and ethno-religious autonomy is a provocative alternative.

Agree or disagree with Andrew Fraser’s prescriptions, his combination of originality and scholarship deserves to find a place in literature dealing with ethnicity, nationalism, constitutional history, biosocial science, and advocacy for Anglo-Saxon ethnic identity and biocultural continuity. Be prepared to read, reread and ponder.'


Anonymous said...

Interesting - as is Arktos, I had never heard of them before.

old said...

Sounds like a very interesting work on a very relevant topic. Would like to acquire a copy to take on our annual three week respite in the Upper Peninsula. However, a quick web search of local bookstores yielded disappointing results.

Would appreciate guidance on sources of supply. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Anglo-Saxon as Pariah

I. Ethnogenesis: Toward a Biocultural History of English Constitutionalism
1. Comitatus: Kingship and Covenant in the Evolution of Anglo-Saxon Bioculture
2. Republica Anglorum: Religion and Rulership in Old England
3. Metamorphosis: The Peculiar Character of the Early Modern Englishman

II. Pathogenesis: Anglo-Saxon Identity in the Novus Ordo Seclorum
4. Homo Americanus: A Post-Mortem on the First “White Man’s Country”
5. Divine Economy: The Modern Business Corporation and the Lost Soul of WASP America
6. Political Theology: How America’s Civil Religion Fosters Anglo-Saxon Ethnomasochism

III. Prognosis: The Return of the Repressed
7. Archeofuturism: Of Patriot Kings and Anglo-Saxon Tribalism in the Twenty-First Century
8. Palingenesis: The Postmodern Rebirth of Anglo-Saxon Christendom

Osbert II said...

Interesting. This is now on the reading list.

Toby said...

The book has just been released and should be available from most Internet Book Stores, like Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles and so forth. I am sure it will be available in many regular book stores in the near future as well.

You can also get it directly from the publisher's web store at www.arktos.com

Anonymous said...


You can just get it from Arktos.com

Don't get your hopes high on it reaching the retail bookstores. Since this is a taboo topic.