26 July 2011

Tennis Trousers

Hey baby we like your pants
One sometimes finds the oddest things in the boot of one's Benz motor car. Take, for instance, a charming pair of tennis racquet motif trousers from Brooks Brothers (at port). I must have picked them up two or three years ago and completely forgotten about them during the chaos of the subsequent immolations (at which I have hinted elsewhere). Roughly the same colour as the interior of the compartment, the trousers had been folded into a small package and stuffed into a nook where they lay under tennis and squash racquets, an old duffle bag, and a rare Persian rug that I was supposed to have delivered for repair last year (oops!). Until this morning, that is, when I decided at last to restore order. Like most chaps I don't mind a bit of junk in the trunk, but now and again it should submit to a cleansing purge. Do you wear clothing items with a motif on them? I certainly do, but not to the orifice.


Main Line Sportsman said...

No motif slacks for me....the closest I get is an embroidered belt now and then

White Horse said...

subsequent immolations!? I must hear more. I have more than one pair of shorts with motifs/critters/what have you, stitched on them. Taking oneself too seriously is a crying shame.

Anonymous said...

Just a wee tad too preppy-poo for me. But if that's who you are-- why not!

Enjoy it, and to hell with seeking approval. (I assume you wear these items to please yourself -- not others.)