18 July 2011

WASPs: People of Plenty

For more than two centuries, Americans were a people of plenty. They cast off the corruption of the Old World for a future of boundless abundance. That future is now receding into the past. The American Dream is fast becoming an air-conditioned nightmare complete with power outages. The long boom is over, America is browning, and the long emergency is unfolding. Dazed, disoriented, and increasingly despondent, homo Americanus now represents the senile face of defeat and decay. Americans who trace their bloodlines back to Britain now walk with the living dead, stranded in an alien nation far removed from their ancestral homeland.

The power and prestige once attached to old-stock Americans as the founding race of the Constitutional Republic ebbed away, leaving behind little more than an acronym conceived in acrimony, then sugar-coated and dressed as an empty Brooks Brothers suit--the WASP. Coined sometime in the 1950s as a snide epithet aimed at the patrician products of Ivy League colleges, the term can be stretched to include anyone anywhere descended from the indigenous peoples of Britain. As a collective noun, WASP refers to a mechanical aggregation of individuals rather than an organic social whole; ethnic solidarity is all but unknown among WASPs, especially those safely ensconced in the upper reaches of the mangerial-professional class. Not even the most highly-educated WASPs care that their own children remain ignorant of Anglo-Saxon ethnohistory. At best, the epigonal snobbery sustains the infant ethnoancestry industry tracking Y-chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA back to the British Isles and beyond. Upper-class WASPs in America have presided "over the dissolution of their own dominion," leaving their less priviliged co-ethnics to face a future of public denigration and deliberate degredation. The language and institutions of the merely middle class WASP--his biocultural capital, indeed, the whole set of what a biologist might call his extended phenotype, a patriot his country, or a priest his faith--was socialized, commercialized and not infrequently vandalized by free riders of all colors and creeds.

The WASP Question: An Essay on the Biocultural Evolution, Present Predicament, and Future Prospects of the Invisible Race, Andrew Fraser (2011)


Anonymous said...

I find it so sad that so many people don't appreciate that Anglo Saxons made America.

Anonymous said...

"I find it so sad that so many people don't appreciate that Anglo Saxons made America."- Bourbon and Pearls

That's very true. Even sadder is that most of their descendants don't appreciate it. Those over 40 should know and those under 40 have been systematically lied to in the name of "higher education".

Anonymous said...

I feel more loyalty to William and Kate than I do to Obama and US leaders.

Cyprian Korzeniowski said...

"I feel more loyalty to William and Kate than I do to Obama and US leaders."

While I know nothing of William and Kate's attitudes towards America, I doubt that they are hostile to the country. I could not say the same for Obama and most other members of the US political establishment.

Osbert II said...

It is over. The savages have ruined everything. The future is bleak.
Look at the corrupt mutants elected by the populace.
Listen to the popular music: repetitive drumbeats without a melody accompanied by the shouting of poorly groomed idiots. Look at the clothing: cheap Asian crap sold by Wal-Mart and Jos A Bank. Look at the children: fat, ill-mannered parasites.
Look at the schools: the aforementioned parasites indoctrinated by half-wit graduates of public "universities" and on-line diploma mills. Finally, look at the displays of tatoos: once reserved for sailors and the man who towed the BMW back to the dealership, they are now seen on your insurance salesmen and your brother's second wife.

Main Line Sportsman said...

We truly live during the waning of the West....

Anonymous said...

A tattoo of the Prussian Eagle or portrait of Wilhelm II makes a lovely ice breaker at cocktail parties (or parole hearings).

Jedem das Seine.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Anon ~ We have different futures, divergent destinies. This is for ourselves and ourselves alone.

Anonymous said...

America is currently going through the final phase of a fifty year orgy of irresponsible rights grants, dismemberment of its once highly acclaimed public educational system and the looting of the financial integrity of its government.

This was all conducted by a posse of shifty politically correct opportunitists who slyly portrayed themselves as advocates for the sick, lame and lazy while simultanously enriching themselves at our expense and castigating those who criticised them as bigots and haters.

True to form, the good people of America took this sodding without a whimper. Most complied with the tyranny of the mavens of Political Correctness because they were fearful of being stigmitized as racists, homophobes, nativists and Conservatives. Too have many have over-indulged in the self-destructive behavior of over leveraging themselves financially, sported around in gross 8 cylinder guzzling sport utes, getting tatooed and pierced like a bevvy of Bangkok prostitutes (both male and female), sired hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of bastards out of wedlock and abetted the illegal immigration of 10 million people because they felt sorry for them!

Well drop your cocks (or demurely
drawer your dildos) and pull up your socks America! Its time to quit whining and help get the USA moving forward again!

We have been through graver challenges throughout our history. However, this time we must confront one significant disadvantage we have never faced before - we do not have an ample supply of WASP leaders to move us ahead.

This means we will just have to kick back and let America's last remaining WASP Prince, Ralph Lauren along with Pedro the Pool boy, Raj who stole your engineering job, Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton, the LGBT Leadership Committee, Kwame Kilpatrick and Nancy Pelosi and lead us to Nirvana!

Ian Dundrillon said...

Great post. This blog just gets better and better.


Osbert II said...

Anon at 2:07 - Bravo! Thank you for mentioning the SUVs and the bastard children. Damn the bad taste and lack of self-control of the masses.

Vernon said...

We are caught between the dog and the fireplug. My betes noires: harridans and Yankee fans who count their tattoos, projectile vomit, ooze ineffable sins that ruin our picnic.

Duke of Welllington said...

Finally, someone speaking the truth. We've got to stop the madness.

Settler descendant.
7/8 English
1/8 Scot
Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.