17 November 2011

Cuff Undone

I do not usually go around with a suit cuff button undone, but occasionally I unfasten one just to see what would happen. The sun, as expected, continues to shine and the earth continues to spin on its axis. Of course no one apart from fellow fogeys, clothing aficionados, and iGents would even notice such a detail. The Trads and iGents, were they to spot it, would likely erupt in a fit of priggish rage and demand I button it up at once. To which I have my own unique reply. It is important to have a bit of fun and to maintain a spirit of mischief, a crucial posture under present circumstances. Because there are more than enough other things to turn up the heat under one's collar.

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Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

Here in Europe it's not at all uncommon for a gentleman to leave a button undone on the cuff. When I'm in the US people think I've lost a button (they're not used to it as their buttons are mostly just tacked on). In the old days, when a gentleman dined, he unbuttoned the cuff completely and rolled up the sleeve to the height one fold.

Bradley said...

Spot on.

White Horse said...

Funny you should mention this. My only reason for leaving a button undone on my cord post was in the hopes that an iGent would erupt in rage in the comments.