16 November 2011

Genuine Housewifing



Ian Dundrillon said...
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Blanc said...

All things considered, not a bad idea at all:


Curmudegeonly Trad said...

Mon Amiral,

In the past,
Old School genuine housewives had been taught by Old School genuine schoolteachers and knew how to spell "oppressed" correctly.

Toute est perdue!

Anonymous said...

Curmudegeonly Trad-

Should your name not be Curmudgeonly Trad? Or is it a play on words?

Who is to say that the poster was not created by a man? Opressed? Housewifing? Misspelled and incorrect words are used by both sexes.

You're correct, gentlemen. The party is over. However, I'm uncertain who turned off the lights and locked the door.


La Sombra Sofisticada said...

My wife loved this!