19 July 2012

Bermuda Shorts and Tassel Loafers


Mike said...

You want my true opinion?

A lunatic on the run.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Mike ~ He looks as if he's scurrying away from a sordid encounter. But I do like his loafers, shorts, and blazer.

Mike said...

Hahaha! But I'm still not convinced. Shorts are nice, but only at the beach. And his shorts do look like underwear, though.

Pls. be honest with me: Doesn't he look like he forgot his pants?

Besides: A nice sunday to you:


Lorne said...

Both of those fellows look like fools. The one in the foreground of the photo obviously is embarrassed, as he should be.

Anonymous said...

Although I dislike Tom Ford, and his receding hairline, he does have a valid point about never wearing shorts in the city.