14 July 2012

The King's English (Kingsley Amis)

'But what does shine throughout is Kingsley’s love of his language. He is exact, but not pedantic. Even when making minute points about the letter of the law, he is really talking about its spirit. Amis’s approach reminds me of the best sort of guide to a great city. He has plenty of learning derived from formal study, but he also knows the place like the back of his hand. He loves the city’s perfections, but also its oddities, and even, because they make him laugh, its defects. He loves its past, but lives vigorously in its present. Rome, or Paris, or London cannot be defined: rather, they can be known – the more intimately the better. So it is with English.'

"Mind your bad English, Kingsley Amis 'don't like it'", by Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph, 4 July 2011

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I'm reading the Leader biography of Amis pere.