06 July 2012


Huntington Beach


Anonymous said...

Huntington Beach has just been added to my 2012 coastal tour. Looks like a cracking good place.

Herr Gehlen said...

Used to go there with some Aussie friends quite a bit. Drinking, the beach, chasing ass, crowding around those Main St joints watching soccer, and this one blonde from the Rip Curl store there...fine local. :)

Last time I was there was July 4th of last year.

Pat Hannagan said...

Which one gave you syphilis?

I know, a gentleman never reveals such detail. However, you will be required to relay such information to your GP, just so the wider community may be able to bell you before you make your way into their restaurants.

No one appreciates a festering malodorous wound ruining the entrée, especially just as dinner is about to proceed.

Cameron said...

'Which one gave you syphilis?'

Obviously the Australian!

You know we've been fighting an ongoing battle with the bastards since they started stealing our birds back in '42...lol.

(seriously thanks for the whole Pacific theater thing fellas, we're not ungrateful bastards like the French, if you need a hand when the military coup goes down just drop us a line)

? said...

I'll take the one in green.

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

Obviously these are rear echelon troops.

Anonymous said...

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a hottie?