24 October 2013

Applied Living Systems

I'm going to be more direct than usual.

On another website I recently commented on an article explaining how one should react to civilisational decline. I think the real measure of a man is how he lives in such an age. Not how he survives, but how he lives. There are two kinds of people: the first, those who prefer to bitch and moan about the state of things, who are resigned to their position as passive victims of events; and the second, those who actually do something about it. At core are the questions: How does one survive the whirlwind? What is the best way to live under current circumstances? The following are just a few thoughts.

Love For Life

First principles first. Adopt the right attitude. Do you love life and accept your fate--or do you hate it? This is something you must ask yourself and answer honestly. Despair and nihilism are ugly qualities. So is chronic escapism. There are ways to avoid these all-too-common traps and soul-killers. Keep a sound perspective. Why worry about things you can't change? Deal with it. Beware of slave moralities that teach you to hate this life, that suck the pleasure out of everything, that drown your vigor, masculinity, and virility in a swamp of distraction. Remind yourself every day that you were born for this life, and embrace it. There is no other.


Some coping methods are better than others. For those who are alone and without family, there are alternatives. Stay engaged with life. There's a lot of beauty to be enjoyed and joy to be had. Face the sun. Take a walk outside. Travel. Start a business. Write a book. Be social. Network with like-minded folks. Be a resource for one another. Train and be prepared. As for myself, I work long hours. I go to the gym, lift weights, and swim. I take an interest in eating right and eating well. I read a lot. I have a few outside business projects that occupy my time, which I haven't yet written about here. Going back to nature definitely helps. I live a minute or two from the ocean. The restorative effects of a walk on the beach are not to be underestimated. An hours-long hike in the foothills and canyons above my home clears my mind and recharges my body. Spending time in the sun (for vitamin D) also helps a lot. What do you do?

Women, Game and the Manosphere

Accept that the old order is dead. Whereas finding lasting love was once taken for granted, today in the modern world it is increasingly rare occurrence, if it occurs at all. Fortunately there are other ways in which to interact with the opposite sex and to satisfy the demands of Eros. As you know, I have a strong attraction for the ladies, and, as a result, I have implemented a program of networking and dating. My busy dating schedule helps keep me grounded and connected to real life. I can be a rather detached, taciturn chap at times and I therefore need to reconnect with a warm female on a regular basis to help pull me out of myself. Being around women improves my mood.

In recent months I've taken an interest in the Game and Manosphere communities, in much the same way, I suppose, as a field biologist goes to the rain forest to study howler monkeys. There are a few key writers there for whom I have considerable respect, and who seem to get it. At their best these communities create applied systems of thought and behaviour for men to become who they are and to get what they need out of life. Because, as we all know, the present regime isn't cutting it. But suspicion remains that these communities are inhabited in large part by hollow-chested males who would prefer to remain behind the computer screen, who over-intellectualize the most basic existential concepts, who balk at actually getting out there and living. Ignore these people.

The System may have failed you. But don't fail yourself.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, it was really inspiring and try as I might I couldn't find your dark shadow. Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Good bracing stuff!

Bradley said...

Well said.

w.adam mandelbaum esq. said...

We can create our own universe within the miasma of modern cultural paucity. We can live in the mind, we can do as Des Esseintes did in A Rebours, without retreating to the cross of course. When one steps in dogshit, one can always clean one's shoes. A bright spot in this otherwise dull milieu is admiral cod of course. Many thanks to an unusual and entertaining individual.

jubal early said...

Yea, this is all well said. I have tried to perfect certain qualities in myself, and I will share briefly some of them here.

(1) Dressing and looking professional. I cannot stress this enough. People seem to underestimate the extremely positive impact dressing well can have on you. For me, I work professionally, and so I have to dress professionally. But I seem to be the only one around that actually knows how to dress WELL. Most people wear baggy nylon shirts and baggy pants that drag upon the floor. Not me. I get everything expertly tailored. I make sure my pants are crisp, cuffed, and pleated, and that my shirts are a nice thick cotton with well-made ties and Allen Edmonds tassel loafers. I Also have a very nice assortment of blazers. When I go out in clothes like these, I make everyone around me treat me with respect.

But very few people give serious thought to their clothes. For some reason, they consider all the latest technology --- iphones, ipads, ipods, etc. --- necessities and neglect altogether the manner of their dress. This is the crisis of our age.

(2) Perfect your speech. Speaking well and confidently can also go a long way in advancing you in the world. I have my own routine for perfecting my speech, but I am sure each person's own situation is different. For me, I study intensely the way great English prose writers write. I have a very peculiar way of reading English prose. For example, when reading good prose, I focus only on how the sentence is structured and the words used, and pay no attention whatsoever to what is being said. I think how you say something is far more important than what you have to say. This is why most intellectuals tend to be bores, IMHO.

As for personal favorites, I have a few: Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Max Beerbohm, Edmund Burke, and, most important of all, SAMUEL JOHNSON. These writers have all written perfect english prose.

I remember a great passage in Boswell's Biography of Samuel Johnson where Boswell prepares for his first encounter with Samuel Johnson by shutting himself up in his room and reading prose. Do not underestimate the impact this can have. When I have to speak in a professional or public setting, I usually prepare myself by reading good English prose. It really does awaken my spirits like nothing else.

(3) Finally, exercise is critical. You must look good. For me, I spend a few hours each day jogging outside under the sun. I have a perfectly tanned complexion with bulging leg muscles and a toned stomach. You should aim for similar results.

Those are my secrets to success.

Jonathan said...

Wonderfully done. You hit many nails with this.

Anonymous said...

Tending to my land is the best. In the evenings, good gatherings at the beer gardens with business contacts/political allies.

Though a few weeks in Spain is never bad.

Anonymous said...

What are your favorite game blogs/recommendations?

Also, at the risk of polluting the comments section with philistinism, any thoughts on AAPL?

Blanc said...

The old order is indeed dead:


Kingstonian said...

''The System may have failed you. But don't fail yourself.''

Channeling Billy Bragg? (To have and to have not)

Your philosophy seems similar too.

Ivar said...

LBF isn't the first to suggest this attitude, but his essay is well written and very timely. In hindsight, many of us wasted decades trying to roll back the odometer on on the system. Many of the 'Mainstream Conservatives' are still trying to do it, although more and more are giving up on it.

I don't beat myself up over this anymore because I realize that we were simply trying to recreate the environment in which we were raised to live.

However, we can live splendidly while remaining grounded in the real world. Despair and the escape into fantasy are the two great enemies.

Whoever said 'living well is the best revenge' was correct.

GSL said...

Well done LBF but this manifesto is clearly from the minority partner; I think the 51% controlling interest might have other ideas.

YBH said...

I just ovulated.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

YBH ~ I'm on my way.

? said...

Great post. Why sit and bitch when there is a life to live?

Anonymous said...

I agree despair and negativity are stupid and tiring. But so is the brash attitude of superiority [willful ignorance] relative to social conditions.

The ugly reality is that we can only save ourselves, but the rest of the world is headed into darkness.

That's the truth, we cannot change the machine or 'wake' anyone up.

Anonymous said...

I liked reading this one. Your zeal for many words reminds of Jane Austen. I am also reminded of one of my favorite quotes:
"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. Live, Live, Live!" - Auntie Mame

Anonymous said...

"Sieyès... when asked what he had done during the Terror [of the French Revolution], he famously replied, "J'ai vécu" ("I have lived")."