05 October 2013


We both lay back in bed, holding hands, panting, lathered in sweat. The plantation ceiling fan whirled in the afternoon heat. After a few moments she turned on her side to face me and put her leg over mine. She smiled at me, her blue eyes glistening and happy. I was spent. I had just cum deep inside her for the second time. As for my cock, it was flopped over my muscular thigh like an overgrown Nile crocodile sunning itself on a river bank and getting ready for a long snooze.

She continued stroking and petting me, leaning in for kisses and nibbles, seemingly determined to get the action started again. I knew where this was going. WTF? I was worn out. I decided to deflect her course by suddenly getting serious.

I said: "Recent studies show that women whose male partners ejaculate inside of them during sex are less prone to depression and other mental disorders. It has something to do with the chemicals in semen. You'll thank me later." (Hell, I'll thank me later, I thought).

"Really?," she replied. "Well, did you know that women who swallow are less likely to develop breast cancer?"

"Fascinating. You should have nothing to worry about then. I love science."

"And sex, don't forget," she added, snuggling close to me.

I later thought about this some more. The modern project, as you know, is devoted to the isolation of man in every sphere of existence. It is a process of separation and atomisation. The tools of the modern age--such as birth control and feminism--are mechanisms by which the natural flow or exchange between men and women is prevented. They are barriers erected to keep us apart and isolated, holding us back from fulfilling our identity as men and women, as social beings. Modernity has rendered man a lone target. Several years ago I wrote the following:

"As society in the modern West becomes more totalitarian, it will be even harder to make meaningful human connections and live a worthwhile life of the spirit. The trends of the age are against it. Modernity rejects the duality of existence: good/evil, right/wrong, male/female, black/white, etc. The egalitarian impulse seeks to eliminate difference, particularism, diversity. In short, it is at war with human nature, with Man himself. The goal of the modern project is the destruction of every form of tradition and community known to Western man. The ties that bind a man to God, a man to a woman, a man to his family, a man to his people, a man to his neighbour -- all of these must be destroyed. Total war has been declared on nature in her every manifestation. In the end there can be no shelter, no refuge, and we will lie exposed and alone beneath the searching lights."

This is still my position. When I think of the condition of man in the modern age I picture in my mind's eye a patient on an operating table awaiting the surgeon's scalpel, clueless, alone, and afraid. Under such conditions, and without natural affections and attachments, bereft of higher purpose, men become something less than human, something more akin to cattle waiting for the stainless-steel slaughter machine. If some of us are to have a purpose, it shall be to dismantle this machine and eradicate the peoploids that gave it life in the first place. But that's a discussion for another day.

As you know, I'm a lone wolf at heart. I make no apologies for it. But I'm neither a hermit nor a misanthrope. Life is good. And I genuinely enjoy meeting people, as you'll soon find out. Connection is key. I'm the first to admit that as I get older and look back I realise some of the happiest moments of my life have been those spent with a beautiful woman in intimate setting. Make no mistake: men and women are made for each other; we need each other, literally, not just on a social and emotional level, but also in the most fundamental biological sense. It should go without saying, but first principles bear repeating. In the present age connection is the greatest form of rebellion. Love is our resistance. Through the crossfire, our rebel hearts long for each other.


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jubal early said...

I would disagree. I think a sustained, personal connection with a woman is deleterious to the necessary cultivation of "self." I find that I become sluggish and complacent whenever I get involved in a serious relationship. I do not exercise as much, nor do I read and study as much, either. And what is worse, my "sex urge" becomes weaker as well, perhaps because I have become comfortable. I do not like myself in relationships.

Now I am a social person too. I just like to keep my personal life private and secluded. I like to be able to keep a place that affords me the opportunity to withdraw from the world whenever I see fit. Being in a relationship destroys this.

I always encourage my friends never to settle down. Some of my best friends have had their spirits destroyed by marriage. I have seen it happen first-hand.

Also, I have found that the sexual energy between a man and a woman is lessened the more closer they become. Some of the best sex I have ever had has been with woman I hardly knew. I can fuck all night with women like this. With girlfriends, on the other hand, the sex act is a mere routine, and I tend to pass out immediately after the first round is complete. It is no longer exciting.

Anonymous said...

Would like to read more on these thoughts and ideas. I am very much inclined to agree that modernity is destructive, but would like to learn more of your opinions as to how.

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

I'm with you on that Jubal. Having represented men in over 400 divorces, "better to have lost" is better than staying chained to the bitch. "better to have never loved at all" is the way to go.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

JE ~ Sounds as if you need to learn some Game.

Eastside School said...

LBF, you have Browncoat readers, I'm not surprised. But this "modern project" seems a little coy for you, any chance you'll be inspired to provide more detail on who these people are and what they want?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

ES ~ Why would I provide for these people, a warning? lol

Anonymous said...

Your writing here has a romatic ring to it---very refreshing. I'm well read on many levels and so another quote is coming to my mind . . .
"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - Dr. Seuss. and I couldn't have said it any better myself!