31 October 2013

Lifting More

Feeling tired and sluggish? There is a solution. Lift. The first thing our men young and old should do is lift weights. Find a programme that works for you--and lift. And then lift some more. I can't stress the importance of weight-lifting enough. In the last few weeks I've seen a marked increase in young female colleagues touching my biceps and shoulders. They do it almost furtively in the midst of conversation--but I've noted the frequency. Apparently the word has got around--and this has been confirmed for me by colleagues--that I'm putting much more effort into my lifting routine. The right behaviour will yield results.


Anonymous said...

But how will we fit into our skinny jeans and over-priced V-neck sweaters?

Chicks dig getting pinned to walls and such.

The benefits are limitless.

Ryu said...

I liked your applied living system article, LBF. Bodybuilding has alot to offer. One has to be careful of allowing it to take over. It can be very addicting.

GSL said...

I think you may have something there LBF; I haven't really lifted weights since the mid-80s being more of a cardio guy since then. I'm long overdue for a furtive bicep caress by some fine young filly.

Anonymous said...

Good. A woman admires a man who is capable of carrying her over the threshold.
Personally, I don't like being touch by someone I dont know very well. As a woman, I've been stroked on my upper arm during casual conversation---I didn't like it. I've been grabbed in the side of my waist as I walked by--didn't like that I either. I've also been swatted on my behind as I walked by and I was wearing a lady-like dress well passed my knees. Why do men think it is ok to touch women in passing?

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

If I might suggest a great resistance training method for those who don't wish to or can't engage in weightlifting--the isometric methods of Alexander Zass, the "Mighty Samson." You will definitely build strength and muscle,with much less time involved, but you probably won't achieve the size of a weightlifter--if that is your goal. Check out Zass on the internet and Youtube. A simple chain is all you need.