20 March 2014

Harsh Daze

Like many of you, I've been transfixed by the mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 jet. It has provided a distraction from the hilarity of the Russian humiliation of the West in Crimea.

What I find amusing in the Malaysian case is the utter incompetence of both Asian and European authorities in responding to it.

But, I think I've stumbled upon an important clue that may shed some light on the perpetrator of this puzzle.

If you scramble the name of the missing Malaysian jet pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, you get this sinister message:

 "ha ha I am harsh daze"

 I think this needs looking into.

 Get the crack team of Neocon reporters at Fox News on the case, pronto.


Anonymous said...

Piece of shit airline crashes a plane.

Mr. Negative said...

Have you been mixing wine with codeine again?

Here's a short little clip that I thought you might enjoy titled, The Giants of Iceland. To all the weak effeminate little douche bags who like to carry around their girlfriend's purse, need to spend some time with these guys.


GSL said...

LBF, you're being a little tough on those clever Malaysians as they've already narrowed the search area down to 7 million square miles and have only been at it 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

The best part of Fox News is when it is Andrea Tantaros with no volume.

Wouldn't mind a deserted island scenario in that circumstance.

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

Initial reports from Malaysian transportation investigators have determined that the probable cause of the crash was gravity.

Anonymous said...

Wog airlines, and wog pilots; avoid flying with either.