26 March 2014

A Bad Man

A few days ago I was finishing my morning errands, dressed casually in black and headed to the gym. I was sporting a beard and my new aviator sunglasses. I walked past a young mother and her two little daughters. I heard one of the daughters say in that loud whisper that little girls have: "Mommy he looks like a bad man!" I laughed. The young mother said "Sorry!" as if she were used to it.


Anonymous said...

A good compliment to receive.

Like when folks jokingly ask if our crowd is just a bunch of 20-something Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Poor mother---I've been there. One day my 4 yr old son was in the dressing room with me. A lady comes out wearing a pair of too-tight black pants. She asked, "do these pants look too tight?" Without hesitation, my son said "yes." I apologized but she concluded he was right.
Another time my son (then 6) saw a man with a cigarette and proceded to tell him the downfalls of smoking. I said "sorry" but the man gave him a dollar and thanked him for his honesty. He said it had been a long time since anyone had told him those things. Needless to say, kids often speak their minds. And I can't help but wonder--was the little girl right in her assessment of you?--are you a "bad man?"---haha