13 March 2014

Tassel Loafers: Super Bien !

Although my predilection for the tassel loafer is well-documented, I would not go so far as to tattoo its image on my body. Even a chap like myself has limits. With the rise of Nationalism in France, however, it could very well be the case that tassel loafers are making a comeback amongst the youth market.

"In France, the tasseled loafer makes its own peculiar political statement. John Vinocur, the executive editor of The International Herald Tribune, said that the shoes were worn, actually flaunted, by young rightists in the mid-1980's who wished to demonstrate their distaste for the Socialist Government...To them, the preppiness of the shoe represented American prosperity and free-market conservatism. Thus, it became part of the battle uniform of the young soldier of la contre-revolution."

The Politicization of Tassel Loafers, Neil A. Lewis, New York Times, 03/11/93


Anonymous said...

There is a great lacking of tassel loafers these days.

This absence and the proliferation of mini-vans are the root cause of the bullshit.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

O ~ Mini-vans are a pet-peeve. They irritate the hell out of me.