29 September 2014

Locals Only !


Anonymous said...

Truer words were never spoken. I remember working my way into the lineup at Grandview in 1969. If you don't waste the waves you do catch you will find the locals will give you waves if you know WTF you are doing. Pretty soon you can be waxing windshields and quaffing brews with the regular crew.

Alternatively you can just get a 6/5 or hooded 5/4 and just move north. Norcal is getting crowded but if you are above Pt. Arena no locals get up before around 9:00 AM and there are totally empty lineups all the way to Tofino B.C. in the middle of the week. Hell I was even down in Carlsbad just last year and nobody was out at Tamarack @ 8:30 A.M on a winter Wednesday! Chest high sweetness right next to the highway...

This only goes to prove my theory that you should never drink after lunch. No hangovers at dawn that way. All the locals are snoring and drooling into their gf's muffs at that hour.

I know I'm namin' and claimin' here but you warm water surfers are nothing but a bunch of fucking wimps to begin with.


Toddy Cat said...

I suggest posting this on every crossing at the southern border.