09 September 2014

Salisbury - Rhodesia (1971)


John Groves said...

I left Salisbury in 1971. That brought back a lot of memories.

Robert said...

This video is before my time in Rhodesia (1974-1980) and I was only in Salisbury about two to three times a year being out and about in the bush most of the time but I did recognize the building that housed Le Coq d'Or and who could forget that place and, of course, the "arChiPelago" (that's what the sign read) during those all too brief and infrequent R+R's in town. Robin Moore's unoffical U.S. Embassy isn't shown either but we Americans were always welcome there as a "Crippled Eagle".
A great city in a great country now in ruins but all take joy (sarcasm) they have majority rule don't they?

Toddy Cat said...

I've seen the West betray a lot of brave allies in my life (South Vietnam, South Africa, the Nationalists in China) but Rhodesia had to be the most inexcusable, and the worst. A truly sickening performance.