09 September 2014

The Last Domino (South Africa Border War)


Robert said...

Who cares? They sold out Rhodesia and cut off all aid when we needed it most. Did they think that the rest of the PC world was going to go away and let them alone? They bought themselves 14 years and then went under. Maybe if the ruling whites showed some balls in '79 and stood by Rhodesia then they wouldn't have to suffer the joys of majority rule today.
Whatever happened to or will happen to the white South Africans they deserve not because of apartheid but because they sold out Rhodesia and then meekly surrendered to the ANC in 1994.
Maybe if they would have stood firm...but ask them now, is it better to live on their knees or would they have preferred to die on their feet?
By the way the International Council on Genocide has rated the white South African at a "4" on a scale of "5" on their genocide scale. Oh the joys of "die"veracity.

Anonymous said...

Firing by rank in the advance towards the enemy: