29 November 2014

Man to his girlfriend: The main reason I don't want to follow you into [high end department store in Newport Beach] is because over the years I've dated [and/or banged] several women there. This is an opportunity for all of us to avoid some public unpleasantness. Go ahead and shop. I'll stay outside and drink my tea. And check out the hotties.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is funny and honest at the same time. I would advise her to take your cash/card and go shop and leave you to your tea. Of course a man could never leave a beautiful woman of great charm--emphasis on charm--to herself. He would go shopping with her just for the view which would be her--everyone else be damned. Other so called hotties would simply pale in comparison.

Rich Fader said...

Apparently not all the fun, expensive toys make it into The Christmas Book.