02 November 2014

Reds Don't Surf !


Ignatz said...

Reds don't do a lot of thing besides not surf.
For example, Reds don't believe in freedom. Reds believe in the nanny state and regulating your every move.
In NJ they have Senate President Cody..."Obey My Commands" Cody who is propo a law that would make football players ineligible to play unless they "certified" they weren't recruited. Isn't Rutgers bad enough....this includes High School teams too.
"Teeny Weenie" Sweeney, another NJ prize politician, would probably ban surfing if he could but not until he met with the "Sandy Hook" Parents from out of state to get their input on how NJ should be governed.
Reds may not surf but that's only because they are too busy sticking their noses up peoples' butts trying to regulate their every movement

Ordnungssinn said...

A view to die for...