03 November 2014

Surfside Pistoleros

Gratuitous hottie with pistol
It's critical, in this age of the impending oblations, to be prepared and well-armed. With this in mind I recently visited a few local gun shops to look for a new pistol. The clear favourite as always was the 1911 .45 ACP. A wonderful style perfectly designed to bring down savage hoodies, hippies, and Bolsheviks from 30 paces. The shops were crowded. I met one of the store owners. He told us interest in handguns has skyrocketed in recent years and they can barely meet demand. What caught my attention was that the customers in each store were all of European descent, attractive and clean-cut, with a large percentage with blond hair and blue eyes, like me. There were also a few hotties in attendance. Clearly I'm not the only one thinking along these lines.


Mr.MantraMan said...

Professing ignorance of California's "gun laws" aren't the everyday standard 1911s non-compliant with the "safety" rules?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

MMM ~ The 1911 is legal in CA. However, the state requires manufacturers' guns to pass certain firing, safety, and drop tests making them "CA compliant" and eligible for inclusion on the CA DOJ approved handgun list.

Robert said...

Ach so...
LBF. the clientele at the gun shop, in your own words, "were attractive and clean-cut, with a large percentage with blond hair and blue eyes, like me." By of "European descent" I take it you mean white?
Well, why don't you just say "aryan types", other than it being a non PC term it would exactly describe, it seems, the majority of the "volk" who are buying in anticipation of "Der Tag".
Pity you having to buy a weapon in the "People's Republic of California". They've got enough "no go" firearm laws to bring a shit eating grin to "Nanny" Bloomberg's lips.
BTW my pistol of choice is an East German made 9mm Makarov from the Ernst Thaelmann Works in Suhl, Germany (then the DDR). Nothing like German craftsmanship coupled with the engineering of the people who brought you the AK.
I got it (legally) a few years back from a Red who didn't surf and didn't want to learn how to.

Jacobite said...

California requires a "drop test" which pretty much rules out any 1911 pattern guns without a firing pin safety. They are soon going impose a magazine disconnecter requirement which will rule out new 1911's completely.

Since you live in a marine climate I would opt for a Colt series 80 XSE model in stainless steel while you can still get them. You should be able to pick one up for under a grand.

They can be tuned so as the extra drag induced by the firing pin safety is imperceptible. Just make sure you periodically replace the recoil spring every couple of thousand rounds and have the internal flat extractor spring checked/tuned/replaced by a gunsmith at least yearly.

There are also plenty of used 1911's in mint condition in California that are available and were built prior to these stupid state government regulations.

Read everything on the late Stephen Camp's site:


and then get his book on the 1911 if you buy one:


Jacobite said...


"BTW my pistol of choice is an East German made 9mm Makarov"



Anonymous said...

I might recommend the Springfeild Armory XD series in .40 or .45

Anonymous said...

Good evening estimated Fogey,
As always, it is an interesting fact you emphasize: cultured, "civilized" men possess guns. Here, in France, it is considered "insane" and "fascist" by mainstream ideology to defend yourself and what is yours, so we cannot buy any guns, even if we are clearly far more educated and pacific than many of the non-white thugs who run the streets with weapons. "Violence is not the thing", repeat the brainwashed leftists...so you have to be a willing victim, otherwise, it's "nazi", and you are the baddie, (but the robber or the drug dealer who muggs you is not so bad)
The situation is so rotten down there, that a few years ago, when I was a student in Bordeaux, my brother and I always went out with clubs and big knives, to be disuasive: ruffians and communist holligans were, and are still proliferating like vermin. Other anecdotes: last year my brother witnessed a cutie who was being mugged by an arabian scum IN THE TRAMWAY, and NOBODY around raised a finger to help the girl (so my bro beat the guy into a pulp like he always does). Two years ago, a badass soldier helped a woman who was being raped in the subway in the middle of a crowd: the rapist was killed, and the soldier, as a reward, was put in jail. Meanwhile, a jeweller shot two threatening and armed thieves with his old rifle, and ended up in jail...etc.
Conclusion: French people are raised and brainwashed to be cowards and to fear any act of violence, even if it's their own violence. So called "Justice" itself protects the scoundrels and treads on the honest guy. How can a real man, who respects himself, feel anything in common with that emasculated society (created by perverse politicians)? "Shut your mouth, and give the thugs their due", that's the reality of the French republic we live in.
By comparison, I'm glad to read that somewhere in the globe, some civilized white males and females still consider normal to buy firearms to protect themselves. When such good chaps hear about us, they must despise us and think we are all eunuchs...and yes, we almost are all eunuchs...