14 May 2008

Socks of Colour & Light

Around this time of year I make a special effort to wear socks in bright colours. Hosiery in red, pink, lemon yellow, sky blue, and lime green are guaranteed to turn heads and raise eyebrows. You might even get a favourable comment or two, as I generally do from older women, who, I try to convince myself, use the socks as an excuse to flirt.

Socks are a superb way to add a flash of colour to an otherwise drab outfit. It is an opportunity to be creative. For strictly casual situations I have been known to wear motif socks. Recently I received three pairs of motif socks as gifts: navy J.Crew socks with a green anchor pattern, and tan Tommy Bahama socks with martini glass and palm tree motifs. Very silly, I know.

As a younger man I bought my coloured socks from Hackett. Now, I go to Paul Stuart, Smart Turnout, and Brooks Brothers. Just yesterday, in fact, I met some important clients for lunch at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel wearing a pair of Paul Stuart sky blue socks with my Alden tassel loafers, J.Press sport coat in a tan check pattern, charcoal worsted trousers, and white OCBD. Over salad and salmon, and a bottle of Beringer chardonnay, we discussed the importance of asset allocation and portfolio diversification. I am happy to report, my socks received a favourable reception and blended in perfectly with the view of ocean and sky. They may even have helped seal the deal.

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Heavy Tweed Jacket said...

LBT, Cheers for the post. As my sis has maintained for years - "a gentleman is dressed down to his socks." I have just shifted to my warmer weather socks and compared to fall and winter there is a bit more color.