23 May 2008

A Time of Cufflinks

There was a time several years ago, in London and New York, when I wore double-cuffed shirts almost constantly. Not only to the office, but to the pub as well. With suits, khakis, moleskins, and jeans. Often without a tie. In casual situations I wore silk knots. On dressier occasions, a pair of sterling silver knots. I never gave it much thought. Most of my colleagues and friends on Wall Street and in the City did the same. Later, I entered a phase where I thought double-cuffed shirts and cufflinks were awkward, and I eschewed them. The phase has passed, I am pleased to report, and I am again wearing the cufflinks that I squirreled away in leather boxes in my closet years ago. Today, I would be thrilled beyond words if someone were to present me a gift of vintage cufflinks from Turnbull & Asser.


longwing said...

These are very nice. I hope you aren't dropping hints, unless you have clued some of you loved ones in to your blogging activities. If you were hungry, I would buy you a Big Mac, but these fine cufflinks are out of the question.

v.Braun said...

Is that Aphrodite on the one with the tortoise?

This would maybe also make a nice cufflink:

I am enjoying your Blog a lot, best regards, v.B.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

I believe it is Venus, after a work by Phidias. Those are in fact my favourite cufflinks in the set. I think they would look beautiful in the Venusberg.

v. Braun. said...

That's funny if you mean what I think you do.

I didn't know that work by Phidias but if it is by him it would rather be Aphrodite than her Roman counterpart Venus- unless it was modeled after a copy of an alleged work by Phidias executed by a Roman artist (as so often)...doesn't matter- keep up the fun writings!

All the best, v.B.

Richard said...

Great post! I to have a large collection of links, and I have never discarded them temporarily but I do wear them in phases. The links on display are wonderful, and I love the second pair.

initials CG said...

Very nice...are they antique/vintage(whatever that means)?

I like the first pair though the others are nice as well.

I remember reading somewhere that a man undoing his cufflinks has the same effect on a woman as undoing the back of the woman's dress for a man. Get's a little complicated when the cufflinks are double sided but interesting nonetheless.