15 May 2008

A Suit of Tartan

My wardrobe includes a pair of tartan trousers in a Black Watch pattern. An autumn and winter garment, tartan pants look wonderful with a blue OCBD, turtleneck sweater, and black tassel loafers. For me tartan trousers evoke memories of winter cocktail parties with the neighbours in Greenwich or New Canaan, sipping a whisky in front of the fire and making small talk with the cute Wellesley grad who works in M&A. I would like to acquire a tartan suit similar to the one in the photo (above), but I suspect it would only look complete with turban, beard, and sabre.


Gabriela said...

Perhaps you could get in trouble if you went walking around with a sabre, but I don't see why you couldn't grow a beard and wear a tourbant in order to complete this faboulous tartan suit look.

Richard said...

I have always desired a tartan suit as well, but I have never been brave enough to have one made (I have never seen one off-the- rack). Have you ever seen someone wear one (Other than the photograph)? I have not, but I do see trousers from time to time.

Richard said...

I found a madras suit on www.brooksbrothers.com. I am featuring it and another interesting suit as my post tomorrow.