13 May 2008

Drinking Jacket

Drinking is a ritual, I like to think, with unspoken sartorial traditions. When I began my drinking career in London at age 15, my imbibing attire consisted of standard Sloane kit: jumpers, Barbour jacket, Viyella shirts, double-cuffed dress shirts, jeans, cords, moleskin trousers, black chelsea boots, and horsebit loafers. Over the years I settled on two or three favourite sport coats to fulfill the role of drinking jacket, or, when I reached for a cigar, smoking jacket. I imagine I have spilled more drinks down my front than most people consume in a lifetime. However, today, I feel my drinking days are nearing an end, and before long I shall have to designate a new function for my odd jackets. The chelsea boots have long been retired.


Turling said...

Why would one's drinking days possibly be ending? I do hope you are still in good health, my good man.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

I'm fine, thanks. I'm just growing increasingly bored with drink.