22 September 2011

The Cleverley Shape

A pair of G.J. Cleverley bespoke brogues
and copy of Baily's Hunting Directory from my
beagling days
From Savile Row Style Magazine, Spring 2010 Edition:

As for a defining house style, the so-called ‘Cleverley Shape’ has graced the feet of many through the past half century or so.

Glasgow explains. “When Cleverley was alive, he’d say his shoes were ‘suspiciously square’. That was his terminology. His toe-shape was unique to him. He used to cut the corner off a bit, just a shade.”

What Cleverley’s shoes have also become renowned for is their longevity. Looked after properly, there is no reason why a handmade pair of their bespoke shoes shouldn’t last a man through his working life.

Indeed, Glasgow mentions that ‘it is not uncommon’ for a pair to be brought back for a little care and attention some 25 years after they were made. Shoe trees, diligent polishing and shoe repairs are the requirements to ensure their long life, he adds.

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