11 September 2011

Ten Years Ago

Just over ten years ago I moved back to Greenwich, Connecticut. I lived in a one-bedroom flat in central Greenwich with a hot little Brazilian girl with green eyes, jet-black hair, and an insatiable sex drive. It was a couple of blocks from Greenwich Avenue, within walking distance of Richards, JCrew, Starbucks, the tobacconist, and a variety of restaurants and bars. As you know, it was familiar territory: I lived for many years in that part of Connecticut and still had family there.

I had spent the preceding three years on a sojourn in England and South Africa, taking time off from a NYC banking career to travel. In London I renewed ties with Tory and Nationalist contacts and fell in with a group of consultants and journalists specialising in security affairs, counter-terrorism, and political risk assessment. I supported the Serbian campaign against Albanian insurgents in Kosovo, and, when US-NATO forces retaliated against Serbia in 1999, I volunteered with Serbian activists in London. Fighting terrorism was very much on everyone's mind in the late 1990s, but no one, it seems, was prepared to consider they were supporting the wrong side. But more on that later.

I worked at an international bank in Stamford. On the morning of the attacks in Manhattan one of my colleagues stumbled into my office, wide-eyed and upset, and said: "We're being attacked!" The news programmes showed the second jet hitting a tower. From the office windows we could just about see the plumes of smoke rising over lower Manhattan. After a short while we were told to go home. Driving south on I-95 over the Mianus River Bridge I caught up with a dark young man of Indian or Middle Eastern appearance driving an old car and shot him a look that must have said "I'm going to fucking kill you!", because he looked terrified and quickly switched lanes to avoid me. I would have done, at that moment.

Once home I changed and met up with some friends at Mackenzie's in Old Greenwich. It was crowded and the television sets were on. The regulars were already there. Soon a stream of New York commuters filled the bar, covered in ash, horrified and quiet, tear-stains on their face, asking for and receiving drinks. It was a solemn spectacle. I spent the rest of the evening with friends at Sundown Saloon on Greenwich Avenue. Over and over again footage of planes hitting the towers filled the screens. Later that night the Greenwich firefighters, paramedics, and cops who had gone to Manhattan that morning returned to town, groups of big silent men moving through the streets.

Ten years later, the situation is badly eroded. Introducing a host of authoritarian measures in the name of 'the war on terror', the governing authorities have transformed America into a police state. American forces remain in Iraq and Afghanistan waging unjust, unwinnable wars and slaughtering innocents. The US foreign policy establishment, firmly in the grip of its Levantine masters, is quietly gearing up for war with Syria and Iran, even as the central government is on the edge of bankruptcy. Borders remain wide open. American communities are filling up with the dregs of the third world, unwanted and unasked for. The barbarians are not only inside the gates, they are beginning to make demands. Muslim immigration has increased, and, with it, more incidents of Muslim terrorism. African 'flash mobs' continue to terrorise Euro Americans with impunity, as a low-level race war simmers and threatens at any moment to boil over. Incredibly, the MultiKult, wasting no opportunity to tighten its stranglehold on the majority population, portrays ordinary Americans as 'terrorists' and issues threats of violence against them.

What began as chest-thumping farce has turned into a serious case of treason and betrayal.

The Ernstfall is upon us.


Ακκανούρης said...

I have been following you for a while now. Reading my comment you may feel that I am hijacking your blog space but being Greek, I feel that you have spoken on behalf of our western cultural heritage with much precision.

Once more you succeed doing so. Where Im from, 400 years of Ottoman oppression were not enough. Our backward lefties and remorseful righties have made it their lifelong quest to succumb to the violent demands of the neo-Ottomans.

These demands are usually related with the corrosion of territorial rights over the Aegian and the Cyprus pelagos opposite Israel. Of course you get the usual deviation from the civil code of rights and duties, in order to satisfy the multicultural black hole.

Appeasement towards Muslim demands usually take the form of the following: either immediate compliance or next day compliance.

Especially after the uprising in the North African states, Turkey has undertaken a diplomatic offensive aiming at presenting itself as the ideal model of democracy to be introduced to these states.

God forbid. This is a crude historical joke. Turkey, being a champion in securing the most convictions by the European Court of Justice, responsible of the 1974 genocide of Greeks in Cyprus and more recently the genocide of Kurdish Population, is regarded as a beacon of democracy.

Have words lost their meaning?

La Sombra Sofisticada said...

Well written, my friend.

DEK said...

On Dec. 7th, 1951, Pearl Harbor was almost forgotten and our animosity toward the Japanese had faded. If you did not know personally someone who died that day, there is something wrong with this mourning. Bloody shirts ought be either waved or buried, not worn as sackcloth and ash.

NJS said...

Quite. Well said. Why is it that there seem to be so few people (whether in government or on blogs), prepared to address any of this? Most people prefer to close their eyes and turn the other way. Maybe that is the easy choice; maybe they have been intimidated; maybe, just maybe, they're just asking for the storms that are gathering.

White Horse said...

Why did you leave Greenwich? Home to some of my family as well.

NJS said...

DEK: WWII,in relation to the USA and Japan has a surprise beginning and a surprise ending. It was also a war between nations. There was an acknowledged winner and an acknowledged loser. Japan retrenched and has gone on to great things. The people behind 9/11 are shadows. The trouble that they are making may never end and, despite efforts to find and contain them, it is in their nature that the nations who piss away precious resources by firing missiles into desert places are doing exactly what these misfits want. There is no end to 9/11. It shouldn't be remembered every year; it should be remembered every bloody day.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Ακκανούρης ~ Thank you for the kind words. We're going to win. Don't ever forget it.

LSS ~ Thank you, ol' chum.

NJS ~ Many thanks for the gracious comments. If more people shared your perspective, perhaps we would find a way out of this predicament.

WH ~ I wanted to work on my tan. ;)