27 September 2011

Jeeves on Emblematic Ties

[Jeeves is in the kitchen recovering from a momentary panic attack]

Bertie Wooster: What on earth's the matter, Jeeves? Jeeves?

Jeeves: I apologise, sir. It was unforgivable of me. I shall be better directly. It's just...Mr. Little's tie, sir. It has...little horseshoes on it, sir.

Bertie Wooster: Oh yes, yes, I noticed that.

Jeeves: It's sometimes difficult just to shrug these things off, sir.

"Jeeves the Matchmaker", Jeeves and Wooster, 19 May 1991


Grausig Grantiger Gemahl said...

Truly one of the most amusing scenes!:-)
What I'd give for another season with those two gentleman!

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Ha! I know that scene well. My wife found it highly amusing when we watched the Jeeves and Wooster DVDs several years ago, even calling me 'Jeeves' for a while given my attention to and care for my own wardrobe. Wives!

Best Regards,

Ulrich von B.