04 January 2013

Evelyn Waugh


GSL said...

Excellent interview which I saw for the first time a few months ago. Disregard the dumb broad who introduces the classic interview as her observations were way off the mark. Also the interviewee's (John Freeman)recollections were puzzling as Waugh's alleged hostility was not evident in the clip they feature.

Unashamedly Crap said...

Always wanted to see that; thanks, Coddy. Well done, for once.

Anonymous said...

Despite the absolutely awful intimations by the two presenters that Waugh was rude and difficult during the interview he handled the thoroughly rude and impertinent questions of the interviewer e.g. how big was your father's house, with cordiality and total honesty the entire time. The only thing I could detect was a certain coolness towards his interlocutor during the final five minutes after being accused of hypocrisy, pretension, fascism, misanthropy, snobbery, and being rude to nuns!

I loved his answer as to why he was doing the interview: "Poverty, we've both been hired to talk in this deliriously happy way."

Shame, shame on the BBC's failed attempt at character assassination!