15 January 2013

Hackett On Shoes

“My Father once said to me ‘I am too poor to buy cheap shoes’ and taking his advice to heart I now have a closet full of shoes. I have a passion for shoes and probably my favourite are the first pair I had made by George Cleverley about thirty years ago and they are still going strong. They are black punched oxfords. It is well known that women always notice men’s shoes, so if you want to make a good impression…”

Jeremy Hackett


Anonymous said...

"I am too poor to buy cheap shoes."

And 99% of people will not understand what that means.

MGM said...

I just sold my entire closet full of shoes on Ebay. The only shoes I wear now are tassel loafers. I prefer a dark oxblood tassel loafer with (of course) leather heels. Loafers leave a little break between the bottom of the trousers and the shoes themselves, which creates an aesthetically pleasing look. I don't like oxfords, wingtips, or any sort of lace-up dress shoe anymore.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

O ~ Damned straight, ol' chum. For young men just starting out, or chaps trying to impress females, the focus should be on quality shoes and watch.

MGM ~ Well done. It's good to purge and simplify on regular basis. I love tassel loafers, but I'm also partial to regular loafers and elastic-sided slip-ons. Brogues are a favourite, too, but I find myself wearing lace-ups much less frequently these days