30 May 2013

Greek Nationalist Style

le château de Moulinsart

Nicholas II

California Motorcycle Club

California 1930s

25 May 2013

Let's Go Surfing (The Drums)

I'm Hatin' It

Girl Management

Brogue Style

Clifford (Crockett & Jones)

23 May 2013

Stand And Deliver (Adam & The Ants)

Future Threats

'By no means do I suggest ignoring the threats looming on our horizon: devouring globalization, demographic explosions, massive immigration, the pollution of nature, genetic engineering, etc. During an age of anxiety, it is healthy to repel happy illusions; it is salubrious to practice the virtues of active pessimism, those of Thucydides or Machiavelli. But it is just as necessary to reject the kind of pessimism that turns into fatalism.

The first error regarding future threats would be to regard them as inescapable. History is not the domain of fate but of the unforeseen. A second error would be to imagine the future as a prolongation of the present. If anything is certain, it is that the future will be different from how one imagines it today. A third error would be to lose hope in intelligence, imagination, will, and finally ourselves.'

Dominique Venner, Le Figaro, 19 January 2000

22 May 2013

Imperial Couture

Northern Tresses


21 May 2013

"Il faudra certainement des geste nouveaux, spectaculaires et symboliques pour ébranler les somnolences, secouer les consciences anesthésiées et réveiller la mémoire de nos origines. Nous entrons dans un temps où les paroles doivent être authentifiées par des actes."

Dominique Venner (1935-2013)

20 May 2013

Two Wheels Good

Heart Of Glass (Blondie)

Imperial Great Room

les dissidents

18 May 2013

Old School !


Cavalier Touch

 la légion étrangère au Tchad


15 May 2013

The Art of Parties

14 May 2013

The Rules To Always Being A Gentleman

Let's be clear: I'm not one. A gentleman, that is. Although, I'm frequently mistaken for one. It must be my smooth manners and elegant bearing. But inside, as I'm the first to concede, I'm a fucking barbarian who longs to shed the blood of our foes. Violence, after all, works. In this, I admit, I'm leagues ahead of my contemporaries, most of whom still don't understand what's happening, and therefore a bit isolated. But that's a topic for another day. Although I adhere to several of the behaviours on this list--firm handshake, eye contact, stand up straight, well-groomed, punctuality--the rest of the items seem fashioned for hollow-chested Christian chaps. As I've written before, the code of the gentleman was designed by weaklings to hobble stronger, more violent men. It is a truth unacknowledged by most that the survival of our civilisation will require the application of force and violence. As it stands, the gentlemen of the West are hardly up to the task. The situation demands an alternative code of values.

Anglo-EU Translation Guide

13 May 2013

Bowie On Rock Stars

Reds Don't Surf !

12 May 2013


08 May 2013

Comment te dire adieu? (Françoise Hardy)

Tintin et l'Absinthe

07 May 2013

Grotta di Byron

U 47

University Stripes

A.N. Wilson: The Original Young Fogey

'When I was in my 20s, I was dubbed the King of the Young Fogeys. This ­affectionate term mocked the ‘small-c’ ­conservative attitudes of myself and my friends. I preferred plain English cooking — what some people call nursery food — to elaborately made foreign dishes.

I liked, when I could afford it, to have my clothes made by an English tailor rather than buying snazzy Italian or American labels. I was regarded as old before my time. I hated pop music, modern architecture and cars. I felt that, charming as many of my American friends (and, indeed, ­relations) were, Americanisation had been an unmitigated disaster for the world — in aesthetic and political terms.

And to many of these prejudices I still cling, so that probably makes me an old fogey now. But, of course, the reason it was rather nice to be called a young fogey was that no one could deny I really was young.

When the joke took off, and the term became modern parlance,­ someone even wrote a Young Fogey Handbook. The photographs revealed me on my bicycle, ­wearing a trilby and a three-piece suit, and looking about 12 years old to my old eyes now — though I suppose I must have been in my late 20s.

One young woman said she might have fancied me, but she could not shake off the impression that if she unbuttoned the three-piece suit, she would find another one underneath.

Being a fogey in those days was, in fact, a form of rebellion against the boring conformity of pop culture — against the unthinking Left-wingery of the university common rooms and the bigwigs in the art world, who were obsessed only with being modern and ‘progressive’.

No doubt there was something silly and affected about some of our fogeyish attitudes, but many of them were born of a serious hatred about what had happened to our country, and, indeed, to the world, in the name of progress.'

A.N. Wilson, 'Take it from the original Young Fogey - only old fools refuse to act their age', Mail Online, 16 December 2010

06 May 2013

Northern Tresses

01 May 2013

Future Legend (Bowie)

This Machine

duce ex machina

Double-Breasted Sensation