30 March 2013

Die Deutsche Gruppe Kraftwerk

Station To Station (Bowie)

28 March 2013

el aventino

David Bowie & The Story Of Ziggy Stardust (BBC)

26 March 2013

Northern Tresses

Hidden Defense

Go All The Way (The Raspberries)


25 March 2013

Minor Incident

In darker moods I tell myself I am getting way too old for this shit. Perhaps I am. As you may have heard, last weekend I was in a fist-fight in a local bar. I was verbally confronted and punched in the face for hitting on some random chap's girl. Admittedly I went too far, drunk on gin; I own it.

On the side of my face I sustained a deep 5cm gash, which, I can confirm, is healing into a prominent scar. "That's gonna leave a mark", as the wits tell me, and I dare say they are right. That, and a thrice-broken nose and blonde beard--along with a demeanour not reminiscent of that of a pretty boy or metrosexual--have all the indications of an angry thug, as one of my chums calls me. An angry thug in tailored suits and bespoke London-made shoes, I reply.

How did this happen? I was raised in exceptionally privileged circumstances, both in this country and abroad, about which I am quite open and for which I make no apologies. But, as diligently as I have tried over the years, I absolutely do not fit in. Nor, if I am honest with myself and with you, do I want to. It simply was not meant to be. The modern world is a constraint. We were meant for higher things. I am cutting my own path.

By this mark, I suppose, they shall know me.


24 March 2013


19 March 2013

"And my heart laugh’d within me —."

Homer, Odyssey bk. IX.413 (Loeb ed., pp. 346–47)

Tartan Tuesday

12 March 2013

Women Know Your Limits

The Official Formerly Preppy Handbook

Beards I Like

06 March 2013

contre le monde moderne

le fleuret

Live The Triumph Life

02 March 2013

The Greek Sky

'A sky which is higher and lighter and which surrounds one closer and stretches further into space than anywhere else in the world. It is neither daunting nor belittling but hospitable and welcoming to man and as much his element as the earth; as though a mere error in gravity pins him to the rocks or the ship's deck and prevents him from being assumed into infinity.'

Patrick Leigh Fermor, Mani (1958)

01 March 2013

Leather & Denim

Northern Tresses