30 August 2013

26 August 2013

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Colonel von Lettow-Vorbeck

'Lieutenant Colonel Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck was every inch the Prussian officer that day he stepped off the German mail steamer in Dar es Salaam harbor and prepared to call on his superior officer, Governor Dr. Heinrich Schnee. He was in civilian clothing, but a military man would have recognized him immediately from his bearing. His hair was cropped short in the Prussian manner and his brown skin lay close against the bones of his face. His blue eyes sparkled as he smiled, but an observer would also get the impression that his baritone voice could be raised in military German that would give goosepimples to an erring soldier. He was the archetype of the Junker officer. There was no wonder about that phenomenon; his father had been a German general and he expected to be a general himself, quite soon if the world situation continued to be as shaky as it had been in the last two years.'

Guerilla: Colonel von Lettow-Vorbeck and Germany's East African Empire, Edwin P. Hoyt (1981)

Thor Steinar Pazifik Division

20 August 2013

Agent Kruger

Or, as he's also known in the film, Agent 32--a direct reference to South Africa's famed special forces unit, 32 Battalion, known by their enemies as Os Terriveis, or, The Terrible Ones. I knew several of these chaps during my time in Southern Africa. Big, burly, bearded guys from South Africa, Rhodesia, Australia, and Portugal who didn't take shit from anyone. The attitude, beard, shorts, braai, weapons skills, and accent in the movie are accurate depictions of these men. After the fall of the country in 1994 some of them joined private security firms operating in other parts of Africa, namely Angola. They're still around waiting for new work. Activate Kruger !

13 August 2013

A Word On Russian Alphas

As you know, I'm currently mentoring a young Russian hottie. Mid-20s, 8.5/10, enormous blue eyes. She understands the sexual landscape better than most young women I've recently met.

She constantly complains about the young American men around here. They don't approach her. They don't make plans for dates. They act like faggots. She wants, she tells me, a real man. Which, I suppose, is where yours truly comes in.

"You look Russian", she told me once, looking me up and down.

I smile. In truth I'm rather taller, bigger, and more Nordic-looking than most Russians. But I go with it.

"That's not surprising, since my people founded Russia."


"Yes I'm German and I'm going to invade your panties like my ancestors invaded your country," I said, laughing at my own words. One can't be too serious where girls are concerned.

"Really now? OMG you're so disgusting." She laughed.

She compares American men to the chaps of her native country. Russian men are more masculine and aggressive, she says, more violent, more prone to fight and fuck. "They let a girl know if they want her. And then they take her."

My imagination immediately goes to that book by Lermontov, one of my favourites. If you haven't yet read it, I suggest you do so post-haste. But more on him later.

Be bold and take what is yours.

Tomorrow belongs to us.


07 August 2013

What Women Want (Nigel Havers)

"Throughout history women tend to like cads. They want to mother and change them. It’s exciting, but always ends in tears. They don’t learn, do they? I don’t mean that in a sexist way. Some women prefer a stable life, but others love danger. Men are the same. I’ve always gone for women who are exciting, dangerous and fun--and I’ve met quite a few."

- Nigel Havers, Mail Online, 15 July 2013

The Passenger (Iggy Pop)

03 August 2013

Croquet Club

02 August 2013

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Italian Seaside