28 February 2015

Tweed Weskit

Defend Books

23 February 2015

On Sexual Assault

As you have probably heard, my social calendar has been rather hectic lately. I was out late with friends over the weekend. The female behaviour I observed at both live music venues was a bit startling to say the least, at least to an old school fogey like moi. Saturday night I was assaulted--if that is the right word--twice by random young women. One fondled my beard, while the other one groped my chest. Have things really come to this? Maybe they have--but I'm certainly not pressing charges. See you next weekend.

16 February 2015

How To Know When To Break Up

William Cartwright

Choose Your Style

07 February 2015

No Regrets (Walker Brothers)

Vienna (Ultravox)

05 February 2015

Driving Through Old London (1950's)

03 February 2015

Tartan Tuesday