29 June 2008

Wine Appreciation Society

Is wine-drinking an art or a calling? In my case, the latter, decidedly so. After all I have spent more than twenty-two years pursuing it. Although I have taken innumerable wine courses and as a result can explain the difference between claret and burgundy with ease, I would much rather drink wine than study it, or even talk about it. "Ought we to be drunk every night?", asks Charles. It is a question I have answered in the affirmative, like Sebastian, for the last several years. Currently I am sampling the wines from Argentina, having exhausted South Africa and Chile. As I have mentioned previously, my drinking days are nearing an end.


Anonymous said...

Have you checked out that Wine Library guy that ACL was linking to a few weeks ago? My not be so interesting to one already in the know, but it's an interesting presentation for the novice.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Just checking in after a vacation that left me little time to check in.... funny I used this quote just last night. I hope they don't ruin it in the newer version set to premier this year.

Greatly enjoyed the new photos, too. Southwick makes a beautiful garment. Although I need the shaping that darts impart.