30 June 2008

Southwick Chalk Stripe in Focus

A close-up of my favourite suit, a single-breasted, two-button navy chalk stripe number by Southwick. As you know, I have a thing for Southwick. This is the undarted Plymouth model. I acquired it more than ten years ago at Van Driver, a men's store in Greenwich that sadly is now closed. It is too heavy for all but the coldest months in Southern California. I pair it with shirts with spread collar, foulard ties, and black half brogues or tassel loafers. Deservedly or not, this is the standard by which I measure the other items in my collection.

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Death Bredon said...

Southwick has been a tried and true for years. But recently, something has been amiss in the their 3-button sack cut -- a bit longish. Hence,
my interest has been drawn to H. Freeman, which I understand is now made in the old Haas facilities.